03/10/13 by Timothy Steyn

Electric Fencing Installation and Regulations 

Welcome to our blog. Here you will find useful information regarding the services we offer as well as helpful tips on safety and security. First off, we draw attention to the installation of electrical fencing (as shown in the below illustration) and the importance of this being installed correctly and by a fully trained professional electrical company

Installing an electric fence is a good idea and helps to deter unwanted guests onto your property. However, new laws introduced in South Africa require all fencing to meet certain criteria including the correct voltage, height and connectivity. Injury caused by your electric fence to either tenants, your own family or other visitors to the property could get you into serious trouble if these regulations are not met and that’s why it is important to use a certified electrician in the installation process. Insurance companies may not pay out if your break in is a result of your electrical fence being installed incorrectly and sub standard workmanship in this case could end up costing you dearly. To make sure you don’t run into issues, always use a professional installer and make sure that an up to date Electrical Certificate of compliance is granted upon completion. Following these simple steps will make sure that you can rest at ease knowing your new electric fence is both safe and meets government requirements and will avoid expensive legal costs, serious injury or even death.

17/10/13 by Timothy Steyn

When dealing with any electricity, its important to remember that qualified electricians go through years of training before they can confidently fix, repair or install electrical appliances. Electricity is dangerous to you and the others around you and no major work should be attempted by under qualified persons. Changing light bulbs, plugs and basic wiring are fine as long as you know what your doing and you should always remember to isolate the power before tackling any of the fore mentioned. Remember, stay safe and if your unsure, contact a local professional to assist you further.